Why should every business owner in Surat invest in advertising?

Ever since human beings began to live in cities, advertising has existed and it shall continue to be an integral part of all businesses until humanity survives on this planet. In early times, publicizing any product used to happen usually on clay tablets and through one’s voice, this was later followed by hoardings and television ads, and today, the internet is the most powerful tool to broadcast one’s message across the world.

According to archeological evidence, the first ever advertisement of the world was found in ancient Egypt where a master was trying to find his slave who had run away. The first ever advertisement for a commodity was found in ancient Mesopotamia where a tavern was trying to sell a fermented barley drink similar to Beer as we know it today.

While the means of disseminating information in any place could change, the importance of advertising in reaching the masses can never and this is the topic that shall be in the discussion today.

Surat, a city located on the banks of river Tapi is eponymous with business and trading for centuries. According to legends, the river Tapi is the daughter of the Hindu God Surya, who had been granted a boon that wherever she would flow, prosperity would follow, and ever since, commerce has been booming in the city. According to the British East India Company, Virji Vohra, the richest man of the seventeenth century was a resident of this very city. During the Mughal era, the city was a lucrative port town. Today, the city is home to the biggest man-made fabrics industry, street food, and diamond cutting and polishing industry. Alongside this, the city has made great strides in providing its citizens with great infrastructure and quality of life.

Businesses and advertising have always been synonymous with each other and hence it is important to understand that no matter how small or large your business is, investing in any kind of advertising is extremely essential if you wish to run a grand business. With the changing landscape and diminishing audience attention span, it is extremely important for all brands to advertise themselves no matter who their end customer is.

Here is a detailed description of why every business in the city must invest in businesses:


Advertising your business is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching audiences far and wide. If a business invests in the same, it can be assured that its message is seen by a large number of people, increasing its chances of attracting new customers. With the help of various advertising channels such as TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, or social media, businesses can reach potential customers who may not have otherwise heard about them.

-Brand building

While there might be multiple manufacturers of every commodity in the market, not all of them are known as brands. The reason, for the same, is that they have invested in advertising. Investing in advertising helps companies build recognition and can establish themselves as a trustable and reliable brand in their respective industries.


-Helps one stay competitive

In a world, where competition is growing by leaps and bounds, any brand that advertises earns a significant advantage over a brand that doesn’t advertise. When a customer advertises their product, they sell their unique selling points, making customers aware of how their products are different than most of the other products in the market.

- Better ROI

Advertising can be an effective way for businesses to promote their products or services. By targeting the right audience and using the right advertising channels, traditional businesses can get a high return on investment for their advertising spend.


- Long-term growth

By investing in advertising, several businesses can achieve long-term growth and sustainability. By building brand recognition and attracting more customers, businesses can establish a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.

-Brand Awareness

Advertising is a great way to build brand awareness and recognition. By consistently presenting their brand to potential customers, businesses can establish themselves as trusted and reliable brand in their industry. Through advertising, businesses can create a positive brand image, which can help them attract new customers and retain existing ones.

sales growth

– Increase sales

Advertising can directly impact sales by promoting products and services to potential customers. By creating compelling ads that highlight the benefits of their products or services, businesses can persuade customers to make a purchase. Effective advertising campaigns can also lead to repeat customers and increased customer loyalty. Businesses can persuade customers to choose their products or services over those of their competitors using advertisements.

In conclusion, investing in advertising is one of the most effective ways in which businesses can increase their reach, improve their sales and make people aware of their products. Hence, if you are a business owner, investing in advertising is a must if you wish to succeed in today’s day and time.

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