Website and Apps

While anyone in todays’ day and time can create websites and apps for their brand, getting the same made from us has several advantages, which include:

  1. Integration of PR strategies: Since we are an already established communications firm, we can integrate PR strategies into the design and development of apps and websites, creating a digital platform that is not only visually appealing and user-friendly but also supports the organization’s PR objectives and messaging.
  2. Enhanced communication: We understand the importance of effective communication and can ensure that apps and websites are designed to facilitate clear and effective communication with stakeholders.
  3. Improved crisis management: We are equipped to handle crisis communication and can design apps and websites to facilitate crisis management.
  4. Improved media relations: We understand the media landscape and can help organizations to build relationships with journalists and media outlets. This can include features such as media sections, press releases, and contact forms, which can help organizations secure coverage in the media and improve their overall communications efforts.
  5. Increased brand visibility: We have expertise in building brand awareness and can use our expertise to enhance the visibility of an organization’s brand through our apps and websites. This can result in increased exposure, more traffic, and a stronger online presence for the organization.

In conclusion, apps and websites created by us offer several advantages, including the integration of PR strategies, enhanced communication, improved crisis management, improved media relations, and increased brand visibility.

Harnessing the power of a website for growth

In 2013, Grace and Lace founders Melissa and Rick Hinnant appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their business, which had started as a small Etsy shop selling handmade leg warmers. The Hinnants had since expanded their product line and wanted to grow their business further.

During the episode, the Hinnants impressed the Sharks with their story and products, and ultimately received an investment offer from Barbara Corcoran. The Hinnants used the investment to build a new e-commerce website, which helped them to reach a wider audience and increase sales.

The new website allowed Grace and Lace to showcase their products in a more professional and polished manner, and to offer a better shopping experience to their customers. The company also invested in digital marketing and social media advertising to drive traffic to the website.

Thanks to these efforts, Grace and Lace’s sales grew rapidly in the years following their appearance on Shark Tank. The company now offers a wide range of women’s clothing and accessories, including tops, dresses, scarves, and jewelry, and has become a popular brand among fashion-conscious consumers.

The success of Grace and Lace demonstrates the power of e-commerce and digital marketing in helping small businesses to grow and reach new customers. By leveraging the internet and building a strong online presence, the Hinnants were able to turn their passion for handmade clothing into a thriving business.

When a Venture Capitalist showcased her prowess to the world with a website

Before founding Kalaari Capital, Vani Kola was a successful entrepreneur herself, having started several technology companies in Silicon Valley. In 2006, she returned to India with a vision to create a venture capital firm that would help support and grow the startup ecosystem in the country.

To achieve this vision, Kola recognized the importance of building a strong online presence for her company. She created a website for Kalaari Capital that showcased the firm’s investment philosophy, portfolio companies, and team members, and provided a platform for entrepreneurs to apply for funding.

Through the website, Kola was able to reach a wide audience of potential investors and entrepreneurs, and build credibility for her new venture capital firm. She also leveraged social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to engage with the startup community in India and share her insights and expertise.

Thanks to these efforts, Kalaari Capital has become one of the leading venture capital firms in India, with a portfolio of successful startups across a range of industries. The firm has also been recognized for its contributions to the Indian startup ecosystem, and Kola has become a prominent figure in the Indian startup community.

The success of Kalaari Capital is a testament to the power of creating a strong online presence through a website and leveraging social media to engage with stakeholders. By using these tools effectively, even small entrepreneurs can build credibility and reach a wider audience, and achieve their vision for success.